Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin, Impregnated by the Spirit of Jack London, Gives Birth to a Strange New Pantheon


Politics, Collage and Poetry

I'd like to thank Aimee of Vint Condition fame for introducing me to Polyvore. I realize this is an ugly collage, so I'll make this post as untechnical as possible.

Politics is like a collage. Poetry is like a collage. Political poetry is often not, but is more like the rantings of insane or crotchety or both older person on a street corner who smells bad. The idea behind this poem prompt is that you would pick something from the headlines that you might like to blog about, but that you think might be a very poor poem. Perhaps you have tried to write this poem, like my attempt at "Felix Pie's Twisted Testicle." Maybe you failed miserably.

Polyvore is a neat little internet photo collecting and editing doo-dad that allows you to trawl the web, pick images revolving around your headline and compile them in a collage. You can add fashionable accessories if you wish.

My suggestion is to add a ridiculous title, then not to talk about the inciting topic. For instance, the poem would have guns, bears, wolves, Alaska, the city of Bristol, a pipe or piper figure, some weeping trees, an Olympic track runner and trigonometry. I would not mention Sarah Palin, yet the entire poem would let you know exactly how I feel about her.

If you're less technically savvy, you could skip the Polyvore feature. But it's fun.

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