Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thanks Slipstream!

Happily, I came back from AWP to a PO Box full of rejection slips, my new Indiana Review (yes!), and an acceptance from Slipstream for my poem, "Women Like Me," appearing in issue #29, Spring 2009.

To order, visit:

It's a pretty classic definitional list poem: x=y, x=c, x=q. For example:

Blue birds are blue birds.
Blue birds are birds that think they are the sky.
Blue birds are feathers glued onto bone by a child
who wants to shoot the sky with his bb gun.
Blue birds are hot blue formica tiles cut up and soldered
into something resembling flight intersecting black tarmac.
Blue birds shit and fight and chase off gold finches.

What I like about the formula is that the farther along you go, the more interesting your definitions get as you come up with new insights, new language, new things to say. I think I'm going to do this thing again, for real though, not for blue birds, and this time list definitions for 'grotesque' in thanks to the last issue of Hayden's Ferry Review that I was editor for. Thanks everyone who came up to the HFR table at AWP with love for the issue. The HFR blog also has links to a very good review of the issue by The Review Review.

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