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Kwame Dawes Apologizes Also

It is good to get an email from Director Kwame Dawes affirming that the publication of the bulk of my chapbook online without my permission was a mistake--done in the middle of launching the new site. I feel better about the Initiative that they did not do this on purpose. He still maintains, though, that it doesn't count as publication (he used quotation marks around the word in his email) and that I should be able to publish them anywhere. He offered to write a letter to any press that wouldn't publish them to that effect, which I think is generous if maybe not right.

I'm curious to see, and waiting to see, if the editors will continue to consider these poems, and if they would have if they were published on purpose and remained up on the website. The Wom-po consensus seems to be yes, this is publication.

I think it's important to clarify for others considering being involved in the site. For some people, this could be a good opportunity even if they relinquish first…

SC Poetry Initiative Admits Mistake, Promises to Take Down Poems

News: the assistant director of the Poetry Initiative sent me an email at 2:30 pm today saying that a volunteer made the mistake of putting the poems online, and they will be taken down. She apologizes but doesn't think this will harm the chances of this chapbook to be published elsewhere, since, as she correctly points out, it's only 10 of the 14 poems.

I really hope she's right. I've emailed the contests I've entered since last fall to ask that they overlook this brief, renegade publication, or at least consider a different manuscript in its place or refund my entry fee. I don't have enough money for these chapbook contests to have them blown like this.

Fingers crossed.

SC Poetry Initiative Published My Work Without Permission

So here's a quick synopsis:

I entered a chapbook contest from the SC Poetry Initiative. 10 Chapbooks would be chosen for publication, cash prize, and free author's copies. Others would be published online. (There was no notice on the rules that entering meant giving publication permission, and that is not standard either.) It was the first contest I entered this chapbook to, and none of the poems had even been sent to journals yet.

I got a letter saying I didn't win. Boo! I recieved an email from the Iniative saying that my poems had been chosen for online publication. I said, no thanks, I really want to see them in print and this was the first contest. The intern who sent me the email punted to the Assistant Director. I had an exchange with her where she tried to convince me to let them publish three poems, but I refused. She finally acknowledged that I had withdrawn the poems.

Then I got an email this spring asking for an electronic copy. I replied again saying I had alread…


I had to post something new. I was recently challenged to write a new chapbook in one month. Day 20, and I have 4 poems. Failure? We'll see.

Anyway, one of the ideas I had for knocking out this ridiculous number of poems was to do pop haiku. I love the mix of the static, the contemplative, the classic form with the hectic, frenetic, undeliberated, the unending flow of pop life. Maybe the haiku can do something for Pop.

But I suck at haiku! So you try it. Here's a contest if you're interested in doing on about a Nintendo game: