Thursday, July 30, 2009

SC Poetry Initiative Admits Mistake, Promises to Take Down Poems

News: the assistant director of the Poetry Initiative sent me an email at 2:30 pm today saying that a volunteer made the mistake of putting the poems online, and they will be taken down. She apologizes but doesn't think this will harm the chances of this chapbook to be published elsewhere, since, as she correctly points out, it's only 10 of the 14 poems.

I really hope she's right. I've emailed the contests I've entered since last fall to ask that they overlook this brief, renegade publication, or at least consider a different manuscript in its place or refund my entry fee. I don't have enough money for these chapbook contests to have them blown like this.

Fingers crossed.

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Cassidy Brynn said...

sucketh...if you ever wanna swap poems...let me know!

Always interested in getting to know another artist