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Poetry Give-Away V: Calling His Children Home by Gregory Donovan

Gregory Donovan's book, Calling His Children Home,(winner of the 1993 Devins award for poetry, Univerity of Missouri Press) is a collection of 23 bluesy, sestina-esque poems. They may not have the repetitive word structure of the sestina, but they have the length, density, longer line, and slower pace that these formal poems often have.

My favorie poem in the collection is "Nietzsche in the Engadine." Here's the last stanza, my favorite bit from this book:

"I am safe only in the mountains.
I am every name in history, covered in snow.
And the one name,the small blue stone
nestled in its wooden box, sealed with the kiss
of animal lips on his outstretched palm
like a handful of matches in flames."

This copy is signed, and available for the price of shipping. Estimated $2.

Additional copies available through Amazon.