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Ok, Copyright Infringement

We live in a digital age, when poets submit work to journals and contests via email, making it easier than ever to take digital copies of work and distribute them electronically without the author's permission.

For poets like me, this means that I have had work published without my permission twice. In both cases, the work published was a collection of poems rather than a single poem.

The logical step is to ask them to take it down. While internet publications will often disqualify you from other publication with the same work (especially in the case of single poems, editors were not willing to continue to consider them at most journals after they were published without my permission) I was lucky that the publishers who chose my manuscripts as winners of their chapbook contests were willing to take them even though they had been published by rogue internet publications without my permission.

What happens when a publisher continues, after a warning and plea to stop, to keep your work …

I hate to admit it, I can't read another poem right now!

Poetry book a week project temporarily on hold. Postcard poem a week project: go!

Photo by Vivek Chugh

Has To Thank Puddinghouse Press

Thanks to the editor at Puddinghouse's nice words about my two chapbooks and her suggestion that I send her some new work, I wrote a whole bunch of monster poems which I think are awesome. Got three coming out in Copper Nickel! Thanks Jen at Puddinghouse!