Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are poets too polite?

Not in real life, about their work. I've only very rarely seen public posts or discussions of issues that poets have had with shabby treatment from presses. And yet, after venting on Facebook about my own situation, where a chapbook of mine was printed without permission online, I discovered there were other stories like mine out there of unprofessionalism and bad behavior.

I've suggested, on a Read Write Poem discussion forum, that we have Feedback for presses and journals with contests, like Ebay. People would rate their experience in terms of professionalism, promptness, did they recieve the merchandise (subscriptions, winning manuscript copies) that were advertised for the entry fee? Were there administrative errors, or did the whole thing go smoothly, even very well?

Why not be able to check out the press before you send your work? And no vindictive sour grapes, Ebay has moderation for irreconcileable negative feedback to make sure it's legit.

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