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Showing posts from April, 2010

I'm officially over 12x12

Deciding which poetry books to take with me to Charleston for 6 months while I pack up the rest for storage. I think I'm going to skip at least a few 12x12 months, and those books I'd planned to read and give away are stored to donate another day.

On the bright side I think I've got enough to read, and maybe I'll even write :)

Trying to find one last book, a chapbook by my friend Charlie about distance between lovers, the physical kind, to read when I'm lonely.

Postcard Poem 00

Imagine a picture of empty cardboard boxes and a calendar with only 4 weeks left and a big circle in red sharpie around April 26. Yep, I'm moving. My poem this whole month, National Poetry Month, would read like the thought bubbles in a Cathy cartoon. AGH! AGH!!! AGH!!!!

See you in May, with more giveaways, picking back up with 12x12, and some mopey postcards.