Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving Time! In, like, a year!

So our time here in DC is almost 2/3 done! We'll be moving summer of 2013, and it looks like Montgomery, AL is going to be home for a little while. Probably. I've checked out this neighborhood in Montgomery called Old Cloverdale that seems awesome. It's got its own gardening group, and house tours, and outdoor musical events, and restaurants, and is not too far away from a Montessori school for Jefferson, although it is on the whole other side of town from the only Catholic school with a kindergarten. So there's that. The premature house search/droolfest has begun! So far I'm in love with one Colonial Revival and a couple Arts and Crafts Revivals that are huge, cheap, and slightly delapidated. And a beautiful Victorian in downtown Montgomery, although I don't know anything about the neighborhood. And one in the Garden District, which had an interesting write-up on If I can find one without lead, asbestos, or a leaky roof, we're going to buy it! Remodeling ideas on Pinterest seem to be piling up!

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