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It's that time, last semester of my MA at Georgetown. I'm part of the group that gets to try out the new way to earn a degree here, with a final capstone project "e-portfolio." I've been working on ekphrasis for about a year, writing on ekphrasic works by Elizabeth Bishop and CD Wright, working on ekphrasic poems for my chapbook Fugue in the Key of Machine, and nonfiction pieces. What is left for my capstone? I could, and probably will, revise my academic work to submit it to literary journals that accept such pieces. But for my capstone I'm debating between two more creative projects. 1. Video-Poem 2. Web-comic


Poetics. I always thought it meant critical and analytical work about the structure and form of poetry. How irritated was I when I plugged "poetics" into my database search and got a bunch of other stuff.

From Wikipedia: "Poetics refers generally to the theory of literary forms and literary discourse. It may refer specifically to the theory of poetry, although some speakers use the term so broadly as to denote the concept of "theory" itself."

My searches yielded a ton of what might be called Narratology. This spring I'm learning about Narratology and efforts to apply its methods and concepts to poetry, and I'll be posting about what I learn here as part of my tutorial.