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Feminist Ekphrasis: Alicia Ostriker on Duchamp's Nude Descending the Stair

Mansplaining William Cullen Bryant

Get thee to a scanner! Here's a phone pic of my webcomic for Medusa's Head. I think Politics of Poetics might become an ongoing topic. The poetess is Lydia Sigourney, who was brought to my attention by a very interesting article by Annie Finch. The romantic poet is William Cullen Bryant, contrasted with Sigourney in that same article by Finch. The dialogue is quoted from Sigourney's poem, "The Orphan," Bryant's poem "The Yellow Violet," Sigourney's "The Butterfly" and Bryant's "June." For some feminist background on men who know things, check out Fannie's Room's take on the mansplaining phenomenon.